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#5 Top Tips To Help Our Members Stay Safe Online

In today’s society, and particularly recent examples seen during lock down, spammers and scam artists are all over the internet, using fear and opportunity to catch out unsuspecting individuals – cybercrime is on the rise(+33%). Online criminal activity is rife with everyone online, all day every day. From the innocent home user using their personal computers and internet to connect into the office through to large corporations transacting globally online it’s so important to ensure you are taking practical steps to protect your business and your data online. Jo Watkins at Q6iT shared with the WBBC online breakfast meeting #5 top tips to help our members stay safe online.

pdf slides from Jo presentation
WBBC Q6IT Presentation.pdf

One of the key highlights included reminding members to not forget to protect their mobile devices from attack. We use our mobile devices to access the internet, connect to our business emails and systems. Left unprotected these devices can unknowingly provide backdoor access to hackers. Taking simple steps to ensure you surf safer online when accessing free Wi-Fi and online e-commerce shops will help protect you when out and about. Jo shared password tips and by applying a few simple rules around password creation can greatly improve password strength. The overriding theme across all the advice Jo shared was to ‘double check’. A quick pause for, example, to check what you are being asked to pay, accuracy of email addresses and double-checking relevant content and links? Q6iT recommended implementing a verification process within your Finance department to ensure that requests to update bank details are verified verbally and making a small nominal payment to new accounts before processing larger payment values can help ensure organisations are not caught out by opportunistic online criminals hoping to catch out a busy finance officer!

For further information on how to stay safe online – or to find out about investing in a complete Antivirus solution for your business contact Q6iT:

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