10 Step Referral Process, Your key to achieving more referrals.

03/05/2022 15:27:50

A presentation for The Worcestershire Business
We had the pleasure of one of our members John Painter giving some excellent advice during his presentation on Friday 29th April, if you missed it, please take at look...

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Body Language in Business

01/02/2022 11:03:52

Body Language in Business –The silent language of influence

Terry Hill: Business Psychologist

What do others really think of you and your proposal, regardless of what they say?
If we know their true thoughts we can change course before its too late…

Here’s 11 things to look out for:

1.The body points where the mind wants to go

Your prospect emerges from their office just as you are passing. What luck! But
whilst they smile and initiate friendly conversation, their body points elsewhere. It’s
probably not the time to engage them in serious conversation. They are on a mission
and their mind is elsewhere. You should ask for a good time to speak, avoiding a
pointless conversation. When they are engaged with you their body turns around to
face you. By the same token when two people at a networking event continue to face
each other in conversation we should not interrupt.

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Health Benefits of Meditation

17/09/2020 10:35:07

We had the pleasure of one of our members Paul Webb sharing some very useful health benefits of meditation at our August meeting. (social distancing)

We felt it was so useful we asked if we could share it on our blog.

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Confidence • No Bells and Whistles, just a real life story!

23/07/2020 12:19:47

Confidence is one of those words that gets batted around a lot and many people will feel it has taken a knock during the Covid epidemic, though being in lockdown and self isolation. Some people have some trepidation about just going back out or returning to work. That’s completely understandable. So, what is confidence and how can I get it back and when am I going to feel more confident to achieve xyz??

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#5 Top Tips To Help Our Members Stay Safe Online

03/07/2020 11:24:23

In today’s society, and particularly recent examples seen during lock down, spammers and scam artists are all over the internet, using fear and opportunity to catch out unsuspecting individuals – cybercrime is on the rise(+33%). Online criminal activity is rife with everyone online, all day every day. From the innocent home user using their personal computers and internet to connect into the office through to large corporations transacting globally online it’s so important to ensure you are taking practical steps to protect your business and your data online. Jo Watkins at Q6iT shared with the WBBC online breakfast meeting #5 top tips to help our members stay safe online.

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