So why goldie blocks

03/03/2020 19:16:54

So why goldie blocks...

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03/03/2020 18:53:21


Regardless of whether you have many employees or are a business start-up just looking to take on your first one, employing staff can be challenging. There are many persistent myths regarding employment law and practice which often get in the way of good people management, slowing down businesses and getting HR practitioners an often unfair reputation for being blockers rather than enablers. Today I would like to address just 5 of those myths with you ...

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Presentation from our October meeting

08/10/2019 11:03:21

Our thought processes - how we organise information - are evident through our language and our actions. But are you acting in the way that you want to? Your ‘filter’ might be preventing you from thinking differently.

WBBC IC Presentation.pdf

If you would like further information from Ian please feel free to get in touch with

Ian Clubley Coaching I DISC I NLP | BA Business Management | NPQH I PGCE
t: 07751 404331

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Presentations from our June meeting

11/07/2019 09:57:51

Mike Gee • Managing Change, a personal account
Focusing around learning/tips from various career/job moves


Rob Owen • A path to resilience.
How building resilience into daily practice can help in everyday adult life.

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March 2019 Presentations

02/04/2019 18:14:54

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