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10 Step Referral Process, Your key to achieving more referrals.

I had heard a presentation at a Mindshop Conference on having a referral marketing process about 4 years ago and thought that it was brilliant and then last year I told by an attendee at another networking group that they had made a referral to another group member despite not knowing what that person actually did.   I was very surprised by this as I was aware that the two people involved had known one another for a number of years and I went back to the notes that I had from the presentation that I had heard previously and contacted the presenter.   She was happy for me to develop a presentation and a workshop on the 10 Step Referral Marketing Process.


One of the many advantages of working with Mindshop is that a core value of the Group is “Value to Others” and this is demonstrated by the willingness of facilitators all around the world to share with one another and this is seen with the presentation that I condensed to 10 minutes or so what could have been an one hour workshop.


For members of the Breakfast Club I am attaching a link to a diagnostic programme for members to complete should they wish.   They will get a report showing the areas of their Referral Marketing Process that needs work to make it even better.   Once they have their report I would be happy to spend 15-20 minutes on the phone with them talking about it.   The link is   Completing the diagnostic should only take a few minutes.

John Painter - 29.4.22 Presentation.pdf

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