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Alan Clark's Helicopter View of Your Business

Does day-to-day working in your business seem to be all-consuming? Take a “helicopter flight” to look at a bigger picture:
  1.  Whether it’s a cast of thousands or just you working in your business, people are the heart of it. Reflect upon whether you are respecting people, especially yourself, including ongoing personal development.
  2.  Customers are the most important part of your business, they are your compass. Everyone must focus on delivering value them, which means helping them with their jobs to be done.
  3.  What is your business purpose? Forget fancy mission statements. What do you do for customers? Being very clear about the business you are in minimises distractions and dead ends.
  4.  Be sure to focus activity on adding value, i.e. delivering outcomes customers would willingly pay for, and those that support them. “Busy-ness is not good for business”
  5.  Continually improve by learning from both what’s working and what’s not. Ask for customer feedback without denial.

A helicopter view of your business looks at how it is:

  1.  taking care of those in your business
  2.  focusing on helping your customers with their jobs to be done
  3.  clear about what it does
  4.  clear about which activities add value
  5.  using feedback to improve

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